Millie Was Here: The Top Children’s Book App for the iPad

Interactive children’s entertainment company Megapops recently launched the first two book apps in their brand new series, Millie Was Here. Two days later, Apple selected the series for the top spot in the New & Noteworthy category in the iPad Store. Currently, the free introductory app to the series, “Meet Millie,” is the top free children’s iPad book app. Megapops’ paid app, “Millie & The Lost Key,” is now the #5 Paid Book App for iPad.

This original series follows Millie, an adorable but mischievous mutt who turns everyday life into an outrageous adventure. “Meet Millie” and “Millie &The Lost Key” were written and designed from the ground up to take full advantage of the iPad and its unique position as a new storytelling medium.

“From the very beginning, we knew we weren’t interested in simply ‘porting’ an old medium—like a book or movie—onto a new screen,” said Randy Lowenstein, Founding Partner of Megapops. “We wanted to create a story that was born digital––one which used interactivity to advance the story and add toy-like fun, animation to breathe life into the characters, and sound to make the experience fully immersive.” Millie, the cute dog that pops off the page, is modeled after the founders’ real life companion and best furry friend Millie.

Donation Event Starts August 9th

Inspired by their love for Millie—and for all pets—Megapops is donating $1 for every app sold to The Foundation from August 9th through August 18th. After the event, Megapops will donate a portion of the app’s profits to the organzation to help them in their mission to ensure that every homeless pet finds a forever home. “We decided early on that we wanted philanthropy to be a core part of our brand,” explained Jen Taylor, founding partner of Megapops.

Unique App Features:

The Millie Was Here apps feature an abundance of interactive elements to engage children’s imagination and to challenge their cognitive, language, and motor skills:

* Help Millie fly her plane and swim through piranha infested waters by tilting your iPad
* Discover Millie’s secret disguises by tapping through her wardrobe
* Open flaps to explore Central Park’s “dark and mysterious” jungles
* Swipe virtual “scratch-offs” to reveal lost treasures

Pricing and Availability:

The “Meet Millie” App is available for free from the iPad App Store.
The “Millie & The Lost Key” App is available for $3.99 from the iPad App Store.

About MegaPops

Megapops is an interactive production studio specializing in the development of high quality children’s entertainment for touch-based devices. Founders Randy Lowenstein and Jennifer Taylor, a creative team with over 15 years of experience in digital media, created Megapops to explore the amazing new ways of storytelling that are quickly emerging from the convergence of new technologies in the mobile space. For more info visit

About The Foundation

The Foundation helps support thousands of animal welfare organizations that are members of The Foundation provides direct funding as well as training and education, and grants of equipment and supplies so that hundreds of thousands of homeless pets have happier lives and so that the thousands of shelter and rescue folks who work with them can better perform their jobs. For more info, visit

The Millie Was Here series can be found here:
Please contact for promo codes for the paid app “Millie & The Lost Key.”

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