Mind Nimmer

According to Wikipedia, Nim is a two-player mathematical game of strategy in which players take turns removing objects from distinct heaps.  On each turn, a player must remove at least one but as many as all objects, provided they all come from the same heap.  In ancient times it was played with piles of sticks and whoever picked up the last one was the loser, though nowadays it’s common to switch that so the last play wins (Mind Nimmer takes the latter approach).  So how do you dress up such a simple puzzle game for the iPhone?  Grataware LLC certainly gives us one possibility with Mind Nimmer.

The backstory here is that somewhere in the future, your starbase got demolished and you barely survived in an escape pod.  Your only company as you wait hopefully for rescue is an onboard computer who only knows how to play 1 game and has developed a penchant for verbally insulting any who dare challenge it.  So you while away your time playing Nim against a much less polite version of HAL 9000.

The spoken insults as you play are entertaining for awhile but grow old quickly and the graphic presentation is very plain, the exception being an animated starfield in the background which is decent.  The game is stable and works as described.  The issue I have with this is just that Nim is nothing new; it’s an ancient puzzle with a well-documented mathematical solution.  So I’m not sure why the dev wants 3 bones for it since once you figure out the solution on your own or look it up, you won’t lose anymore.  Even the casual puzzle people looking for a little something to pass the time will quickly tire of this as it isn’t really a puzzle game in that sense; the CPU will beat you 99.9% of the time if you approach it casually.

Perhaps 1 way to add value to this game is to add a 2-player hotseat mode so you actually have a chance of winning once in awhile due to human error (granted you can find someone who actually wants to play Nim with you).  Beyond that, the space backstory is nowhere near fleshed out enough to justify the price and that just leaves you with a puzzle game which you will either always lose or always win.  If you just want Nim on your iPhone it can be had for less in the app store.

Version reviewed – 1.0.1
Global scoreboard – no
iTunes music supported – no
Lite version available – no


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