MLB App for the iPhone

I have been using the MLB iPhone App for the iPhone for the last 2 days, and I have to say that I think it is the best written App for the iPhone.

I would call my self a casual fan of Major League Baseball. but this app alone may be helping change that. In the past I would have no idea who the Chicago Whitesocks are playing on any given day. But with this App I have streaming audio, live stats, and box scores of the game to follow while I work.   I am listening to the Whitesocks and Royals as I type this review.

For the most part the audio has worked fairly well on the wifi I am connected to. I would estimate that there is 1-2 brief audio drop outs every inning or two. The drop outs last about 5 seconds each. During the audio drop outs the live stats continue to update, and the audio resumes on its own.

The best part about the audio is that one can listen to either teams home broadcast. It is nice to scan the league and listen to various broadcasts from around the league.

There are 4 stats screens to choose from while listening to a game. There is a Gameday screen that shows live pitch location and balls/strikes. There is a Field view that shows defense, batter, and base runners on a baseball diamond. There is a live updating box score that shows the score and a list of each teams batting order with that games stats. There is a summary screen that shows a recap of what each batter did at the plate, you can scroll back through the at bats if you miss something. There is also a video screen that is supposed to show video highlights but that function has not worked for me up to this point.

If the audio drop outs are fixed and the video can be fixed then MLB has a SURE winner on it’s hands. I believe this app will not only sell well, but I think it will help bring new fans to the game and marginal fans like myself to be much more interested in Major League Baseball.

The App costs $9.99 for the current baseball season.  I think that is a fair price for all the stats and streaming audio of every game that MLB has to offer.

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