Mobile Time Tracking Tool

ClockWise has developed an iOS application that can be used on the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. This way the web based software of ClockWise has become a mobile platform for time tracking.

Using the web based ClockWise platform, you can log in with your iPhone via the App. This way your mobile workforce can make even better use of the ClockWise time tracking tool. Employees can now access their account anytime and anywhere using the App, making it easier to keep track of projects and time expense. Also the employee can upload its weekly time track reports to their managers via the iPhone.

The iPhone Apps are well known to the business gadget lovers and consumers, but little has been done in the field of creating a complete workforce solution. The App shows that the administrative bureaucracy surrounding time tracking is in its final hour.

ClockWise is an easy to use time tracking and project management tool, wich offers the users a simple interface to enter hours. ClockWise offers a wide variaty of configurations and usergroups and individual users.
ClockWise has a flexible projectstructure wich makes it suitable for almost any kind of organisation. ClockWise can be installed as an integrated part of your ICT environment, but is also readily available as a web-based application.


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