Modern Defense Elite – iPhone Castle Defense Game

Take command of your troops against the earth-shaking armies of the enemy. Hordes of the relentless foe march towards your doorstep and with but a few defiant soldiers, you must rally to defend your position at all costs!

Get ready for some intense combat as you plunge into a unique hybrid between the classic castle defense and RTS genres.

“We’re goin’ t’need more troops.”
- Lieutenant Lastwerds

✔ Face a diverse and challenging enemy
✔ Equip your soldiers with modern weaponry
✔ Use special weapons to gain the advantage

Choose from two unique gameplay modes:
✔ Skirmish – Fight on your own terms
✔ Head2head – Take the fight to the enemy!
✔ Defense – Hold out against unlimited waves

✔ Runs at 60fps even on older devices
✔ Hundreds of soldiers in game at once
✔ Intense large scale combat

Resources are scarce. Victory will be costly.

But, you will persevere.

Think you have what it takes?

★★★★★ “Fantastic job! I want more games like this. I also love the major improvements with every update!”
★★★★★ “A game that deserves some recognition. Really fun. Creative (the helicopter gun turret is amazing feature) and great update support. Thanks!”
★★★★★ “Fun and addicting, a great game to pick up and play.”


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