Money Catcher

I decided to give Money Catcher a try because I like money, especially when it’s falling out of the sky… plus, the screenshots in iTunes looked pretty polished, so I figured it couldn’t be too bad.

The truth is that Money Catcher is actually pretty good… if you’re in fourth grade. It has most of the elements of a good kids game: super-easy gameplay, shiny objects, colorful scenery, and the most violent thing that happens in the game is when the little kid riding on the money-catching truck says “Ow!” when he catches something he shouldn’t.

Pretty much all you do in Money Catcher is tilt your iPhone left and right to “catch” whatever’s raining down from above. Actually don’t really need to catch, all you need is for any part of the truck to touch objects to consider them caught.

You can choose to catch money, gift boxes, fruit, or jewels, and mixed in with the goodies are both good surprises and bad. Some of the good things will put more time on the game clock, restore some of your character’s life, and speed up the little truck he’s driving.┬áThe bad things will take the life meter down a notch, cause him to go in reverse (so tilting left makes him go right), and freeze him in place for a few seconds while precious treasure hits the ground around him.

There’s no global scoreboard, but that’s probably not a big deal since little kids usually don’t have big-kid egos to feed, but it would definitely be nice if Thumb Country would make the game respect the iPod if it’s running. The game would also benefit from some music or something other than repeated “ding!” noises every time points are scored.

Money Catcher’s overall production value is good and the artwork is nice but, like I said, this is a kids’ game. If you have a small child who’s constantly stealing your iPhone in search of amusement, Money Catcher is probably worth the $.99 price tag. Otherwise, just move along… nothing to see here!

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