MonstAr Maker

I’ve reviewed maybe 150 apps on this site and so far I think MonstAr Maker is the first real “iPhone art project” that’s been submitted to me for review.

The idea is simple enough: shake your iPhone to create a character that’s composed of three different pieces of art produced by a group of diverse but obviously talented artists. It works like a slot machine with the character’s head, torso, and legs being randomly spun on three reels that move horizontally when you shake, and it’s all about showcasing different brands of creativity as you “create” something entirely new on your own.

Each artist’s work is distinctly different and you can come up with some pretty screwy combos… you’re not just mixing artistic genres, you’re also mixing skinny necks with fat torsos and all kinds of other goofy crap. When you see an element you like, you can lock it into place and keep spinning the other body parts.

I like what Escape Plan B is doing here, but right now the variety of artwork feels kind of small. Don’t get me wrong, the artwork that IS there is awesome and would probably sell for a small fortune in a gallery, but after about 5 minutes of spinning I felt like I’d seen just about all there was to see. Luckily MonstAr Maker’s creators are actively seeking new artists to contribute, so if you’d like to see your own creatures included in this app just go to

In the end, I think this app is totally worth $.99 to anyone who likes and wants to support “the arts”. It also has potential as a kids’ toy, so consider that an added bonus. If you’re simply curious about MonstAr Maker but aren’t sure whether it’s for you, my advice is to pay the buck and think of it as a donation to the art community! That way you’ll be satisfied with your purchase no matter what you think of the app itself.

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