Monsters Vs. Aliens

I have kids, but they are all teenagers now, so I’m spared having to see every kids movie that comes out – finally.  I have nothing against really good animated movies, but, thank jeebus, I was spared Beverly Hills Chihuahua.  I have been intrigued with Dreamworks new Monsters vs. Aliens, out in theaters now, so I thought I’d get a little preview by trying out AvatarLabs application based on the film.

It’s actually a load of fun.  There are lots of things to do.  My favorite is to play with B.O.B., the big blue blob of goo voiced in the film and the app by Seth Rogen.  Load up B.O.B. and perform some common iPhone moves, like shaking him, swiping over him, and poking  him, and see him react.  The reactions and what he says changes each time, so it’s not like you do each thing once and then  get bored because he says the same thing every time.

Apparently B.O.B. likes card games, like 52 pickup.  There are three different versions of that card game in this app, and each one is not only fun, because the graphics are great and B.O.B. encourages you as you go, but they integrate learning of colors, shapes (in the card suits), and counting. 

There’s also two different matching games.  In the first, you have to match cards of the characters in the movie to clear the board.  In the second, you match B.O.B.’s phrases – great for the memory of kids and adults alike, since visual and audio clues exercise different parts of the brain (or, so I hear – I’m not a doctor, your mileage my vary).  Finally, there’s a soundboard where you can play B.O.B.’s phrases ad nauseum. 

Smart, smart, there’s also links to the YouTube trailer for Monsters vs. Aliens, a link to find and buy movie tickets, a gallery of film stills that you can view or save to your camera roll, then use as wallpaper, and a link to the offical movie website. 

All in all, a clever application with stellar graphics, great sound, fun for kids and kids-at-heart, and at $0.99, worth the price of admission.   Two thumbs up!

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