Mood Runner: Healthcare and Fitness App

Mood Runner is a healthcare and fitness app that helps users track moods, menstruation periods, and PMS symptoms. Though there are a number of mood and period trackers in the market, we believe Mood Runner is the best app in this category because of the following features and user benefits:

– Mood Runner is the only app that features a proven mood scale – based on Dr. David Hawkins’ decades of consciousness research – that helps users identify their emotional home and move up the mood scale over time, increasing their quality of life.

– Mood Runner allows users to track lifestyle factors including diet, exercise, sleep, stress, energy level and sex drive, based on proven PMS management programs.

– Mood Runner allows users to set mood and lifestyle goals, develop new health habits, and stay on track.

– Additionally, Mood Runner allows users to view, upload, and print charts based on any chosen timeframe and any chosen factor in relation to their mood.

Mood Runner was developed based on my personal experience, needs and desires after many years of suffering from PMS and mood swings, as well as comprehensive research in this area – and I believe this tool will be useful for millions of women worldwide who suffer from the same. I greatly appreciate your taking the time to check it out, writing a positive review, and spreading the word.

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