Mosaicker: New app to create panoramic photos.

Mosaicker app  icon Mosaicker is a new iPhone app which allows you to create seamless panoramic photos using a fully automatic one-click stitching process.

If you have ever wanted to capture a scene or event using a single photo and wasn’t able to do so due to the limited field of view of your camera, Mosaicker is for you.

Get free promo codes at iPhoneAppReview.comMosaicker can create a large panoramic photo from several individual photos and allows you to see the bigger picture and enhance the feeling of what it was like to have been there. The app automatically arranges and seamlessly blends multiple photos to create impressive panoramic photos. Samples of photos created using Mosaicker are posted on, but you can create more stunning photos.

Unlike other apps for this purpose, this app doesn’t require  you to rotate the camera only horizontally to create panoramic photos. There is no such limitation for this app and you can stitch photos captured while rotating the camera vertically.

Sample photo created using mosaicker
Sample image created using mosaicker

Check out mosaicker on the app store today.

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