Moto Chaser

Moto Chaser is an arcade-style motorcycle racing game. Steering is accomplished by tilting your iPhone from left to right. Gas and the “punch” action are controlled by buttons on-screen.

The idea behind Moto Chaser is simple. Just like the arcade games it emulates, the goal is to finish each race to unlock new levels. You get more points for things such as speed boosts, time, and place.

When the game is loaded, you’re presented with the option to choose a character and a map to start from. Within settings you can adjust sound, music, and game difficulty. “Arcade style” steering can also be disabled, which I found to work better.

The models and landscape are quite jagged, although it all looks great once you get going. Gameplay itself can be quite difficult at first. It will take some time to get used to this game. Pausing is and isn’t supported. While you can sleep your phone to pause, you can’t do anything but quit to the home screen once the race has started.

Additionally, if you do exit to the home screen in the middle of a game, your progress isn’t saved.

The good: Different racers, lots of fun (once you get the hang of it), many levels. Adjustable gameplay difficulty, music, and sounds.

The bad: Models are jagged, games aren’t saved on exit, no pause or way to leave game once started. Difficult to get the hang of at first.

The Bottom line: Moto Chaser is one of the canonical iPhone games. You see it played on the iPod touch ads and nearly everyone’s enjoyed an arcade-style racing game. However, it’s not for everyone. If you’re specifically looking for a great motorcycle game, this is it. If you’re looking for a 100% perfect game to pass the time in almost any setting, look elsewhere.

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