Move it On: Robot Game for iPhone

This is Move it On, Twirlbound Studios’s latest game.

In this game, it’s all about moving your robot on as long as you can. The randomly generated level (which means it will always be different) has lots of gaps in it, and you have to make sure that the robot doesn’t get left behind. The world will go faster and faster, which means you will have to be
faster as well. You can’t control the robot, it just rides continuously on, so make sure he doesn’t fall behind!

Those gaps can be filled with 5 different obstacles, which come in many varieties: you have the yellow obstacle, which you have to slide; the red obstacle, which you’ll have to click once, twice, thrice, or in a tower formation; the blue obstacle, which is triggered with a start- and stopbutton (it goes up and down); the green obstacle, which is triggered by an exclamation button; and the purple obstacle, which you will clear by shaking your device.

As said, there are lots of varieties, meaning that you will have to think fast in order to clear or fill the way for the robot. That all adds up to the experience, just like the powerups do: there’s a x2-bonus powerup (you’ll get more bonus by clearing the way faster, so the faster you interact with the object, the more bonus you get) and an awesome rocket-powerup (which lets you fly through the level for some time).

We have also built in ingame achievements, to keep you busy! There’s a couple of options and we will keep adding achievements and powerups, so it’s really worth your 80 cents!

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We hope we have created an awesome new game, and of course we do hope it’s something new and refreshing. Given we’re only 16 and 17 years old, we’re pretty proud of our very first game!


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