Move’n Call : 1 move = 1 Call

With Move’n Call, {1|one} gesture and call who you want!

Move’n Call {permits|allows} you to associate gestures of your {option|choice} with phone numbers. {As soon as|Once} {carried out|done}, you will be able to trigger a {particular|specific} call with your gesture.

The application will recognize your gesture and make the {correct|right} call.

{Do not|Don’t} {invest|spend} time scrolling your contacts or favorites. With a gesture, call who you want!

{three|3} {simple|easy} {actions|steps}:
1.Train your phone to recognize a gesture
2.Assign the gesture to a {get in touch with|contact}
3.Reproduce the gesture to trigger the call

Add as {numerous|many} gestures as you want, the only limit: your imagination

Save time, make your life {simpler|easier}%u2026

How is it {feasible|possible}?

{Utilizing|Using} the {exact same|same} component as Move’n Play application ({intelligent|smart} ), this new application {totally|fully} leverages your smartphone’s {technologies|technology} (accelerometer & {three|3} axis gyrometer) and Probayes {software program|software}. You phone will be transformed into an advanced motion detector.

Probayes is a {business|company} specialized in detecting, analyzing and predicting behaviors, {generating|making} its cutting-edge {technologies|technology} {obtainable|available} to {everybody|everyone}.

The Move’n Call iPhone Application is {truly|really} {various|different} thanks to its impressive {studying|learning} capacity, its flexibility and robustness under all conditions.

Warning: the {much more|more} you use it%u2026. the {much more|more} you will use it!

For {much more|more} {info|information}:{intelligent|smart}

{Web site|Website}:{intelligent|smart}

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$1.99 %u20AC1.59

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