Movie Lovers Rejoice! Introducing WhatsNextMovies iPhone App!

Developer Snapshot: “WhatsNext Movies is the Ultimate Movie App! It is the only app you will ever need to keep track of your movies and favorite Actor/Actress.”

With summer vacation underway, there’s much more time to catch up on movies and enjoy some cool air-conditioning and popcorn at the theater. If you want to know exactly what’s going on with new or old movies, read some great facts on your favorite actors or movie sets, try using WhatsNextMovies. Some of the fun features of WhatsNextMovies are as follows:

  • Movie Search by full or partial title!
  • Movie information including release date, movie description, and trailers for most movies.
  • Search for Actor/Actress bio information
  • Personal movie and Actor/Actress list – simple to save and edit at any time!
  • Landscape viewable!
  • Links to Facebook, Twitter and WhatsNext web pages!

WhatsNextMovies obtains its information on movies and celebrities from The Movie Database. You will appreciate clean, easy-to-read display pages with the information you want. Watch trailers, read descriptions and create your own custom movie lists with just a few touches. If you’re anxious to see what’s the latest or current movie being shown locally, grab WhatsNextMovies to get ahead of the game!

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