Mr.Fang:a fresh style game with lots of fun and challenge

This is a game from remote planet Inch. With their super power, Mr.Fang of the four racial can be combined together with each other to get enlargment and you can cooperate with your friends striving to get score. On the earth, the only difference is that it is you who play the role to control them.

Are you looking for a mobile game which can kill the interstitial time on a bus,on a plane or in the meetings?
Try me!

★ Endless fun with 60+ levels in Classic mode, Puzzle mode and TimeAttack mode. More hidden stages are waiting for you!
★ Challenge your friends worldwide on the Game Center ranking list!
★ The perfect combination of Gorgeous & Cute style and Simple & Intuitive gesture controls
★ A charming and addictive little game for everyone: from seasoned gamers to complete newcomers.
★ Retina Display: Take advantage of your extra resolution with crisp, high-resolution graphics.

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