Mr. Wolf and the Ginger Cupcakes : A truly gorgeous Children’s Book App for iPad and iPhone

BlueQuoll, a new children’s book App publisher based in Brisbane, Australia, has launched Mr. Wolf and the Ginger Cupcakes, a charming children’s book App for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad for {children|kids|youngsters|young children} ages {4|four} and up based on the {traditional|conventional|standard} tale of the Little Red Riding Hood. It’ll be {available|obtainable|accessible|offered} on the App Store {starting|beginning} {May|Might|May possibly|Could} {5|five}, 2011.

“You thought you knew the old Little Red Riding Hood tale? {Well|Nicely|Properly}, {think|believe|feel} twice as this new story from BlueQuoll Digital Publishing will surprise you: not {everything|every thing|every little thing} is what it {seems|appears} in this quirky, {fun|enjoyable} and imaginative adaptation of an old classic tale!”

Mr Wolf and the ginger Cupcakes captures the charm of a {traditional|conventional|standard} children’s book thanks to its exquisite hand crafted illustrations and transports the readers in a whimsical world where all sorts of funky characters cohabit in harmony at the sound of dreamy jazz music. You {need|require|want|will need} to see it to {believe|think}, it is just gorgeous.

Mr. Wolf and the Ginger Cupcakes {features|functions|attributes|capabilities} 32 hand painted illustrations, {created|produced|developed|designed} {using|utilizing|making use of|employing} watercolors and colored pencils, carefully digitized to make {sure|certain|positive} {each|every|each and every} page maintained a painterly {feel|really feel} on the screens of the iPad�, iPhone� and iPod Touch�. Mr. Wolf and the Ginger Cupcakes is a universal App {specifically|particularly} coded to display flawlessly on any iDevice. It is multilingual in a {very|extremely|really|quite} proactive way. We {made|created|produced} intentionally {easy|simple|straightforward|effortless} to switch on the fly between seven {different|various|diverse|distinct} versions (English, Italian, French, Chinese {traditional|conventional|standard}, Chinese simplified, Japanese and Spanish) to encourage {children|kids|youngsters|young children} and parents to {explore|discover} them and use the App as a tool for familiarizing with new languages. Mr. Wolf and the Ginger Cupcakes has an interface that is {simple|easy|straightforward|basic} to use, intuitive and {fun|enjoyable} and {allows|permits|enables|makes it possible for} a {quick|fast} and satisfying navigation, {without|with out|without having} {getting|obtaining|acquiring|finding} in the way of the book {experience|expertise|encounter}.

“We strongly {believe|think} that no matter the {technology|technologies} {used|utilized|employed|utilised}, the most {important|essential|crucial|critical} {thing|factor|issue} about {creating|making|developing|producing} engaging children’s books is the {quality|high quality|top quality|good quality} of the reading experience” says BlueQuoll co-founder Vincenzo Pignatelli. “We {think|believe|feel} that story reading goes a {long|lengthy} a way in fostering that {special|unique} relationship between parents and {children|kids|youngsters|young children} and we didn’t want to dilute this {important|essential|crucial|critical} aspect of the {experience|expertise|encounter} in our apps. This is why the core of our App {experience|expertise|encounter} is an artistic and enchanting narration for parents and {children|kids|youngsters|young children} to {enjoy|appreciate|take pleasure in|get pleasure from} together over and over”.

Mr. Wolf and the Ginger Cupcakes can be experienced in two modes:

Read to Me %u2013 plays like a movie, pages turn and text is read automatically by narrators. {Ideal|Perfect} for younger readers and pre school {children|kids|youngsters|young children}.

Read it Myself %u2013 read the story like a {real|actual} book. You control the turning of the pages and the text is not read aloud. {However|Nevertheless|Nonetheless|Even so} you can tap the text to hear it, if you want.

App availability Mr. Wolf and the Ginger Cupcakes is a universal App {available|obtainable|accessible|offered} on the App Store for iPad�, iPhone� and iPod touch� beginning the 5th of {May|Might|May possibly|Could} 2011 in the following languages: English, Italian, {Traditional|Conventional|Standard} and Simplified Chinese, French and Spanish. A LITE version of the App with the {first|initial|very first|1st} ten pages of the story will be {available|obtainable|accessible|offered} for {free|totally free|free of charge|cost-free} on June 2011. Mr Wolf and the Ginger Cupcakes is the {first|initial|very first|1st} in a planned series of new digital books for {children|kids|youngsters|young children} ages {4|four} and up, based on {traditional|conventional|standard} tales but with a new and exciting spin to them.

About BlueQuoll. Blue Quoll is a Brisbane-based children’s book App publisher founded in 2010 by acclaimed italian illustrator based in Australia, Lucia Masciullo and her entrepreneurial partner Vincenzo Pignatelli. The core team {includes|consists of} US based, talented iDevice developer Adam Shaw (Kabuki VIsion, LLC) and the exceptional, Italian based, graphic designer Carmela Pignatelli. The core team collaborates with a group of enthusiastic translators and voice over artists that {significantly|considerably|substantially} contribute to bring BlueQuoll Apps to life.

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