Multitasking on the iPhone

One of the big things about the release of iOS4 was the technique of multitasking.  What is multitasking?  It allows you to quickly switch between applications with out unloading one app and loading the next.  It can save a significant amount of time if you regularly use certain apps or are working with a couple of different apps.

In order to multitask on the iPhone just double tap the home button.  You will see some apps appear like magic at the bottom of your screen.  Tap on the app you want to switch to and “BAM” you are there.

Many apps support multitasking, you will know if they do because you will go instantly to where ever you were when you last closed the app.  If the app does not support multitasking yet it will load like normal, but you have at least saved time scrolling around looking for the app on you home page.

But wait, there is more.  If you order in the next 15 minutes you can also get an even bigger list of apps to switch to instantly. If you don’t see the app you want to switch to you can scroll this list to the left and see a longer list of apps in your cue.  I am not sure how many apps are in the list but I just scrolled over 50 apps on my iPhone.  So there is a bunch.

If you change your mind and want to stay in your current app, just tap out of the app list at the bottom and your iPhone will stay right where it is.

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