Music Medley – A free app for playing reduced length songs

Music Medley is a free app and its is available on Apple iTunes.  
This clever little application plays short versions of all of the songs in your playlists.
It’s is great for zapping through your playlists playing all of the songs that you don’t normally listen to because you haven’t got the time. Music Medley will play all of your songs for a much shorter amount of time and get through many more songs, it’s fast and  it’s fun.

Music Medley is a great app for when you’re having a drink and having a good party with your friends and you want to play lots of music.  Just choose your favorite playlist and select Music Medley to play the songs for the amount of time you choose, when you stumble upon a great song press the Play Full Song button and Music Medley will play that complete song and then, will continue playing the remaining songs at the reduced amounts of time chosen by you.

Music Medley is ideal for people who find themselves pressing next song a lot, because they only like listening to the first part and then get bored easy.

MusicMedley is free, and there is an upgrade that lets you change the settings.


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