Music Party: Provide the perfect music for your next party

Music Party is the new way of doing music apps.

The concept behind this new app is unlike anything else on the market right now. Music Party is the new social way to enjoy music together at any party. Users will DJ in style, and their friends will truly be plugged into the music.

Most DJ apps allow users to add effects to the music like a DJ would, but Music Party is about enhancing the listening environment and making music a shared experience at your next party.

With Music Party, users simply create a set list on their iPhone or iPod touch. Then they hook it up to an audio system and start rocking! Friends can download the free companion version of the Music Party app so they can look at which songs the DJ has planned for the night, vote on the upcoming songs, and put in requests after viewing the DJ’s music library.

Product website:

Music Party - Synendo

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