My Daimoku – Keep Track of Your Daimoku

Chase the Sun have released the My Daimoku iPhone app that will make it easy for friends and members of SGI to keep track of their goal progress. Daimoku is the core practice of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism, and this app helps set concrete goals for chanting and see what progress has been made.

The application has the following features:

Set yourself a goal!
– give a name for your goal
– set the target amount of daimoku you would like to chant
– write a small description about your goal
– select an image from your photo library to give your goal a personal touch

Record your progress
– select the goal you would like to chant towards
– tap the “Log Daimoku” button
– select the date
– select how long you have chanted for
– select your mood during your chanting
– write a short diary note about the chanting session

View/edit you daimoku logs
– select the goal from the list
– tap the “View logs” button
– select the session you would like to edit or see the notes entered

Set your preferences
– tap the Preferences icon
– set the chanting rate (how many times you will chant per minute on average – the default is 55 daimoku / minute)
– tap the Save Preferences button


My Daimoku
My Goals
Goal Details

Find out more about the app here, or download the app today!

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