My DNA – Creates your personalized DNA icons!!

“My DNA” for iPhone/iPod Touch uses your name, birthday & height to create personalized DNA icons. Your genetic barcode. Unique. Colorful. Very cool. Used as profile picture, eSignature, art display & wallpaper (output resolution 320x320px).

Each person’s DNA is unique, like fingerprints. DNA profiling is often used in parental tests or forensics because this genetic “barcode” identifies a person unmistakably. “My DNA” utilizes your personal information such as name, birthday and height to create such a barcode, without the need for real blood, hair, or saliva samples!

The pattern of DNA analysis generated by “My DNA” has very artistic yet authentic looks. Users can customize colors of DNA bands and background. Optionally, the “My DNA” logo and your name can be shown at the top of your DNA picture for easy identification. The unique DNA profile can be used as profile picture, eSignature, icon, art display, or wallpaper. No one else will have the same picture because it is YOUR DNA! Pretty cool, isn’t it?

You can create My DNA pictures for your friends, family, pets and even celebrities! Just enter their names (required), birthday & height (optional). It’s that simple! Send DNA barcodes to them and they’ll definitely be very impressed!

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