My Five-Minute Yoga Practice: Iyengar Yoga, Five Minutes at a time

Do you struggle with finding enough time to do yoga? Are you frustrated with the lack of progress in your yoga practice? I can help! How? I know that in five minutes a day, you can make a significant change in your shoulders, hips, core strength and stress levels. In fact, in five minutes a day, you can change your life.

I discovered this  more than 20 years ago, when a teacher told me about the one stretch she viewed as most important for my body.
 I found a time of day to do it, and suddenly, for the first time in my life, I had a practice. Every day I spent less than five minutes doing spinal stretch at the kitchen counter. Within a few weeks, my hamstrings started to lengthen, my shoulders became more open, and I could finally feel movement in my upper back.

In time, my yoga practice grew. I’m now a certified Iyengar yoga teacher. I’ve been to India. I teach classes and continue to take them. And I love my practice for everything it adds to my life.
 But without that first step – taking a small amount
of time to do just one pose – I wouldn’t be practicing and teaching today. If you want the strength, flexibility, balance and inner peace that yoga brings, but you haven’t been able to start or stick with a home practice, 
My Five-Minute Yoga Practice can become your best friend. I’ll talk you through 11 five-minute practices, with detailed instructions that tell you exactly what to do in each pose.

Gradually, five minutes at a time, yoga will become part of your life.
Make a commitment to five minutes a day, and you’ll gradually find 15, and then half an hour.
Once that seed is planted, there’s no telling where your practice will lead you.



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