My Football Team 2011: Puts the Best of NFL on the iPhone

Raleigh, NC - Announcing that Vladimir Svidersky, the developer of several applications for sports fan such as My Hockey Team and My Baseball Team has released the latest app for for iPhone and iPod Touch users – My Football Team 2011. The app comes just in time for the NFL opening season, offering sports fans fast and easy access to any of the league’s top thirty two teams. Users are able to view game TV schedules, standings and enormous amount of individual and team statistics one team at a time for an uncluttered viewing experience. The app also allows for monitoring upcoming games throughout the league.

Whereas many apps offer either one team per application or inundate users with information about all teams at once, My Football Team 2011 allows users to choose a favorite from the list of thirty two and see the details for that team only.

This clean approach to showcasing individual team stats and schedules from a vast selection is a gift from one fan to all other fans. Vladimir Svidersky, a true lover of sports, has created several sports related applications in the past year. The first three were successful hockey apps and baseball one. This one, My Football Team 2011, is Svidersky’s offering for National Football League enthusiasts.

Svidersky has a good idea of what fans want to see, particularly since he is one himself. “The main idea of my app is to provide easy access to vital information about a favorite team. There are many applications on the market that cover statistics but they either overwhelm you with a lot of information or they are focusing on some particular team,” he explains. For that reason, the app lets users access thirty two teams, one at time.

Fans are able to view TV schedules adjusted to their time zones, scoring updates, lot of individual and team stats and team standings. If desired, a user can also compare teams to see how each is doing during the season.

* Full schedule with TV listing for all 32 teams, one team at a time – no unnecessary information
* All game times can be adjusted to your local times
* Live results are updated regularly (every 10 minutes when games are on), game results posted as soon as it’s finished
* Clean user interface with home/visiting game indication as well as colored results
* List will jump to the current date when application is open, not necessary to scroll further and further away as season progresses
* W-L monthly statistics
* Full standings page that shows every team in each division – includes wins, losses, scoring results. Standings can be viewed by division, conference or for entire league
* Individual stats for league leaders in all offensive categories (QB/RB/WR/TE/K) as well as team defensive stats
* Cool tutorial which walks you through all app features when you launch application for the first time

As the 2011 season has just getting underway, die-hard NFL fans will likely want to grab a copy of this app soon. To view a list of the thirty two teams offered in My Football Team 2011, please visit the My Team on iPhone website at or see the app’s iTunes page.

About Vladimir Svidersky
Vladimir Svidersky is a software developer focusing on different mobile platforms. In the past couple alone, Vladimir has published several iOS applications for sports fan: NHL Schedule, Vancouver 2010 Ice Hockey, My Hockey Team and My Baseball Team applications. Sports fans everywhere enjoy the team Apps that Vladimir Svidersky creates.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone and iPod touch
* Requires iPhone OS 4.0 or later 4.3 MB

My Football Team 2011 - Vladimir Svidersky

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