My Magic Songs – iPhone and iPad app sings your children’s name

iPhone and iPad app sings your children’s name

Braga, Portugal, July, 15th 2011 — iMobileMagic is proud to announce the release of My Magic Songs, the app that sings your name for iPhone and iPad. Now available on the App Store.

My Magic Songs is an interactive iOS application that offers a deeply personalized and fun experience for children. My Magic Songs was crafted to celebrate each child’s uniqueness: it plays songs featuring their very own name and offers touch based activities where their avatars are the main character. My Magic Songs also remembers their birthday and even reminds children to eat their vegetables at dinnertime!

My Magic Songs is not a regular “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” or “Row, Row, Row your boat” music app. My Magic Songs lets children listen to personalized songs for every occasion and mood: their birthday, professions, the beach, environment, waking up, Christmas and many others. With more than 12,000 different names in English, Spanish and Portuguese (and more coming soon in more languages), My Magic Songs differentiates from other music apps by providing content specifically suited for each child.

Children will just need a little help from parents to initially setup their name, birthday, and photo, and then they are all set to enter the world of My Magic Songs. A world in which avatars with their very own face go countryside driving, boat sailing and star on many other fun touch based games! These activities are the perfect companion for the personalized songs, and together they deliver an experience unlike any other found on the App Store. You can tell the difference by looking at children when they first try My Magic Songs. This app is all about them!

But grownups can also have fun (and laughs) by entering their own name and travelling themselves to the world of My Magic Songs. Try it, and we won’t tell anyone.

My Magic Songs can be downloaded for free as part of a launch limited time offer. Songs are bundled with the interactive scenarios and can be obtained as separate $0.99 in-app purchases. Those joining the launch campaign will be offered a free personalized song, so better hurry.

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Feature summary:
My Magic Songs is the application that sings your name and where YOU are the star!
•More than 12,000 different names in English, Spanish and Portuguese.
•More names and songs coming soon and in other languages.
•Personalized albums with songs for every occasion: birthdays, professions, bath time, the beach, environment, waking up, Christmas and many others.
•Many fun and educational experiences to play with or just accompany the songs.

Company History
iMobileMagic started its activity in 2011 as a mobile app focused studio, designing and delivering compelling and innovative mobile experiences to consumers worldwide. Its leadership and creative team, with more than 10 years’ experience in mobile, has a proven track record in previous ventures. The company’s focus on customers and delivering great experiences is coupled with extensive service integration and productization experience. iMobileMagic’s team is driven by great challenges and has passion for innovation, quality and execution in its DNA.

Contact Person: Marco Leal
Company Name: iMobileMagic
Telephone Number: 00351 253 696 255

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