My Own Loan 4.0 – Study your loan/mortgage on your iDevice

My Own Loan is a {fast|quick} calculator to estimate the installments of a mortgage or loan, and {comprehend|understand} how them vary with time. From now on you will know:
1. How {numerous|many} payments {you have|you’ve} already paid and how {numerous|many} {stay|remain}
2. How to lower the installments with a prepayment
{three|3}. How {every|each} installment varies with the variation of interest rate, month {following|after} month
{four|4}. You can {lastly|finally} {discover|find} out what financing is for you!
And it will all be {truly|really} {simple|easy} and {enjoyable|fun}!

My Own Loan is a {simple|easy} but {potent|powerful} application to calculate the {perfect|ideal} mortgage for your new {house|home}, or the funding base for your next gift (a {automobile|car}, a next-generation {Television|Tv}, a tablet PC, etc.). Plans My Own Loan calculated, in {reality|fact}, apply for loans both for {simple|easy} loans: myMutuo and ‘very flexible in this! And if you already have a mortgage on, {merely|simply} set the {begin|start} date of funding and lack of {understanding|knowing} in advance what rate to pay!

The possibility of performing calculations for both fixed (fixed rate spread, or IRS) and for floating interest rates (ECB rate / Euribor spread) is {utilized|used} to analyze {every|each} case study. Euribor rates, IRS and the ECB can be updated {on-line|online} (when the application starts or by hand) to be {usually|always} aligned with the {present|current} rates, or they can be customized by hand. {As soon as|Once} you save a sample calculation for a mortgage will be {simple|easy} to follow the variations of the rate at varying rates, day {following|after} day: {1|one} click!

To {much better|better} {comprehend|understand} how your mortgage can vary for {every|each} installment, set for manual {modifications|changes}. Enter a partial prepayment, or a {alter|change} in the rate of interest, and look as does the total {price|cost} of your mortgage, and the {quantity|amount} of your installments.

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