My Status: Your Status Availability To Receive Phone Calls

My Status is a new concept that brings the “availability status” feature you use in messenger to your phone! The app integrates your iPhone address book, so your friends can see your status before they decide to call you. The app has advanced capabilities such as the Auto Status feature.

App Features:
• Select a status from lists of statuses that describe different life situations.
• Customize your status with combinations of custom text and Emoji icons.
• Shuffle status to randomly select from your lists of statuses.
• Event Auto Status feature automatically detects when you are driving your car, talking on the phone, listening to your iPod or running out of battery, and updates your status accordingly.
• Location Auto Status feature detects when you enter or leave a certain location you specified on the map, and automatically sets your status to the status you assigned to that location.
• Time Auto Status feature can be used to schedule statuses for events that occur frequently. For example, you can set your status to “sleeping” every day at 11:00 PM, or “at the gym” every weekend at 10:00 AM, etc.
• Automatically post your status with Emoji icons to Facebook and Twitter.
• Ability to select from different colors to make your status more expressive.
• Receive push notifications when any of your contacts change their statuses in real time.
• In-app language selection for nine languages.


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