My Virtual Boyfriend: an addictive relationship sim game

If you have trouble keeping a boyfriend maybe there’s a reason why.  Maybe your iPhone can help.  Specifically,  My Virtual Boyfriend for the iPhone/iPad can help.   It’s not really meant to teach you how to keep a boyfriend, but My Virtual Boyfriend is a fun little app which can be really addictive. There are 20 levels and I have to keep playing it until I get there.

The game starts out by rating yourself. You can select a rating (1-5) for 5 attributes of your personality: Bad Girl, Funny, Healthy, Sensitive, Attentive. Then you pick your hair color, complexion and appearance. Why? We’re not sure.

Then your boyfriend’s name and personality. Namely, you select a rating (1-5) for Bad Boy, Funny, Healthy, Affectionate, Responsible, Smart, Caring, Wealthy, Masculine, Sexy.  You also get to select the Hair Color, Complexion and Appearance of your virtual boyfriend.  Finally, you now get to select his hair style, shirt, pants and shirt. There are some really crazy options here. It is easy to turn your boyfriend into a major dork.
My Virtual Boyfriend IPhone and Ipad App

Now it begins…you have 4 choices for each time you deal with your boyfriend. You can perform actions, pick an activity , interact, or speak. After each selection your boyfriend will say something that you have to rate.

As you unlock levels you unlock more actions and activities. For example, on level 4 you unlock, discuss romance, discuss football, nag at him, tell a dirty joke, and give a long kiss. After a few levels you have a lot to choose from. For interactions you can touch him gently to tickle him.  Be careful,  it doesn’t work out well if you touch him too hard.

There are a couple of downsides. The music and the boyfriend’s speech is a bit annoying. In fact, the speech is not English at all. It actually sounds like some Star Wars character. No problem, just play with the volume turned down and this issue vanishes.

My favorite part of the game are the one liners. There are more cheesy one liners in this game than in all the nightclubs in your city.  Here are just a few of the many examples:

Do you know Karate? Because your body is really kicking.
Did the sun just come out from behind those clouds or did you just smile again?
You’re so sweet your giving me a cavity.
Someone call God, I just found one of his angels

One last thing…make sure to shake your phone. His reaction makes me laugh every time.

Overall, there is a lot to this game.  It’s addictive and worth the price of a download.

Here is a copy of their video trailer:

My Virtual Boyfriend - WET Productions Inc.

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