As an app, MyMovies is simply to collect a database of all of your movies. It does that, but little else. You can input movies manually or use the database to find and input titles.

What cripples MyMovies from the outset is the absence of features that would truly make it useful. Most notable in my view is the lack of any way to keep track of movies loaned out to others. I have used database programs on my computer for that very purpose, and the lack of this feature instantly put this app on my “to be deleted” list.

Visually the app is a mixed bag. The background looks nice, but the images that make up the movie titles can be difficult to see. The author wanted to show off the slick background, which means the images are so small that I have to squint to tell what they are. The option to show the movie titles doesn’t help much unless you carry a magnifying glass.

Being able to import title information from IMDb is helpful, but not foolproof. The image may not look anything like the DVD you have sitting on your shelf, which means you either get used to it or manually change it. If your collection includes foreign titles (in my case kung-fu films) you may search in English, but your results will likely be in the original language.

On top of all these other issues I have with the app, it has crashed twice on me in the short time I used it. If the app were in good shape otherwise I would generally ignore that, but as things are it was one more frustration.

Sure, I can look on my iPhone and see what movies I own, but I can also look on my shelf at home and see the same thing. Without any way to track titlesĀ  that I loan out, the app becomes nearly purposeless. Maybe for those who are very forgetful or like to brag about their collection this app will hold some promise.

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