MyPINcode – Tired of memorizing all your numeric codes? We have the solution!

Tired of memorizing all your credit card, TAN, bank and mobile codes?
MyPINcode is the solution!

MyPINcode is a brand new security program, which memorizes your credit card, TAN, mobile phone, and all other numeric codes for you. BUT WAIT, there are many Apps which memorize your codes, right?

That’s true, but MyPINcode is more secure because it DOESN’T SAVE THE CODES.

If your iPhone/iPad gets stolen and this thief is a professional, he could easily crack other “code-saving” Apps by using hacker programs. This will never happen with MyPINcode. Our App uses a simple trick to convert your codes into hidden messages. Further explanation in the App!

Please feel free to contact us! Your feedback is a very important to us, because we always want to improve our Apps:

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MyPINcode - Hilcor Mobile

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