mySNOB: First Branded Mobile Social Network Launched

Social Networks for Outstanding Brands, LLC (mySNOB) has launched the {initial|first} app {created|designed} to make it {easy|simple} and {inexpensive|affordable} for {businesses|companies}, organizations, sport franchises, and celebrities to have their own “branded” social networks. The Tea Party (American Tea Party Movement) has {lately|recently} launched UniTea (, the {initial|first} official launch of a mySNOB branded social network which is {accessible|available} now for immediate download from the iTunes App Store and the Google Marketplace via the following links:

The {objective|goal} of the UniTea network, powered by mySNOB, is to unite Tea Party members into {1|one} collective social network of Americans who share conservative principles instead of having them spread out across {numerous|multiple} Facebook fan pages and walls, {web sites|websites} and Twitter accounts. There is power in organization and collective action and, recognizing {exact same|same}, the Tea Party is deploying UniTea to capture this power and energy.

Gary H. Elzweig, CEO of mySNOB, {stated|said} “mySNOB understands the {easy|simple} reality that the {entire|whole} is {higher|greater} than the sum of the parts and we invented mySNOB {precisely|exactly} for groups like the Tea Party that want to harness their group’s collective energy and momentum in {it is|it’s} own exclusive branded social network. Whatever the {typical|common} interests or bonds, mySNOB {provides|offers} a digital infrastructure for such groups to connect with {other people|others} of {comparable|similar} interests. We predict that mySNOB will {turn out to be|become} a {potent|powerful} social {advertising|marketing} force in {extremely|very} {small|little} time.”

Jason M. Black, COO of mySNOB, added, “The Tea Party have been {initial|first} in {numerous|many} of the {issues|things} they have {carried out|done} and now they will be the {initial|first} political group to launch its own branded mobile social network {via|through} the mySNOB platform. We {believe|think} that the UniTea Mobile Social Network powered by mySNOB will unite their Grass-root groups into a cohesive and functional force that can sway the 2012 election.”
The {benefits|advantages} of a social network powered by mySNOB {consist of|include}:
%u2022 Companies, organizations and celebrities can {produce|create} their own collective social network
%u2022 It’s a {totally|fully} functional social network enabling users to chat with {every|each} other, participate in forums, make {buddies|friends} and {much more|more}
%u2022 Flexibility in pricing with {extremely|very} {inexpensive|affordable} plans
%u2022 Hot spot and city spot direct connect access

Social Networks for Outstanding Brands (mySNOB) is based on the principle that not all brands are {produced|created} equal. Some have a {higher|greater}, {much more|more} loyal and devoted following %u2013 a following that deserves a social network of its {extremely|very} own. A branded social network makes it {simpler|easier} for the most brand enthusiasts to share their thoughts and experiences and to even connect and meet up with other enthusiasts in {actual|real} time. {Moreover|Additionally}, the host brand can embrace those who embrace their brand by distributing {provides|offers}, messages and {info|information} to their core followers instantaneously to their mobile device.

About Social Networks for Outstanding Brands, LLC: Social Networks for Outstanding Brands (mySNOB) develops branded mobile social networks for {businesses|companies}, organizations and celebrities with a core of devoted fans or {clients|customers}.

{Businesses|Companies}, organizations or {people|individuals} interested in having a branded mobile social network of their own {ought to|should} {go to|visit} for {much more|more} details or {e-mail|email} {advertising|marketing}{marketplace|market}/apps/app/com.mysnob/UniTEA

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