Netflix App for iPhone

Update: Netflix for iPhone is now available

There were rumors for several weeks preceding the announcement of a Netflix app for Phone.

When Netflix announced their app for the iPhone it was scheduled to be released in the summer of 2010. The last official post from Netflix on their blog reiterated summer of 2010.

This blog post was dated June 7, 2010.

Hi, John Ciancutti, VP of personalization technology, here. Today I had the unique opportunity to present the app we’re working on for iPhone at the Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference in San Francisco. Our CEO Reed Hastings reiterated our excitement to bring Netflix to iPhone and more than 5,000 developers cheered when they saw how watching instantly will look on the groundbreaking mobile device that you carry in your pocket. If you use an iPhone, like I do, get ready to watch instantly on it this summer!

The App for the iPad has been out for a few weeks.  It has since been updated to allow the video to stream from the iPad to a TV via a dock connection.  Similar capabilities would be great for iPhone owners as they could use their iPhone as a great media device while in hotels or away from home.  Just connect the iPhone to a dock and watch the movie on the hotel television.  No outrageous pay per view fees.

Some early comments from the WWDC where the Netflix app was originally announced have been positive.

Here is what we know about the app for the iPhone:

  • The App will be free
  • It will allow you to continue your movie where you left off
  • It will work on 3g
  • It will allow you to modify your Netflix queue
  • Search and easy UI

As for when it will be released there is no word yet from Netflix other than “Summer of 2010″.  If you have any insight on the App please leave a comment below.

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