New Fitness App: British Military Fitness

UK Fitness company Big Ideas, has created and is currently launching a new iPhone app called “My Fitness Instructor.” It is the first iPhone app to feature instructors from the British Military Fitness (BMF) organization, the leader in outdoor fitness in the U.K. and it’s the only fitness app on the market that simulates real-life, one-on-one training sessions. In just a few short weeks it’s already the 13th most downloaded application in the U.K.!

The BMF is world-renowned, through their unique and challenging exercise programs, as a leader in outdoor fitness. This application is the answer to busy schedules, by offering customizable and personal workouts and fully voiced real-time fitness instruction – without having to pay for a gym membership or facing a room full of intimidating fitness buffs. All you need is an iPhone and some outdoor space, to make this work.

Ensuring that the fitness program is really suited for you, users set the parameters for the workout sessions and can choose from 16 million different exercise combinations. In addition, it will also help you test and track your fitness through a Bleep test, Heart rate monitor and Body measurement tracking. The app costs a one-time $9.99 fee, which is clearly more cost-effective than a gym membership.

For access to “My Fitness Instructor”, please visit; (

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