New Free iPhone Insurance App Helps Save Money With Your iPhone

London, UK March 17, 2010—iPhone Insurance Apps today announced the release of Insure Me, the new free iPhone app that helps you save money on your iPhone insurance.

Currently working across the 4 main iPhone operating countries USA, UK, Australia and Canada this simple yet effective iPhone app asks you 3 questions then helps you get a hidden discount code.

Lead Developer Samuel Liebz said “It has taken us a long time to research and source really good, solid iPhone insurance companies with sound policies that will cost-effectively protect your iPhone – and to then make it even better by arranging special discounts to make the iPhone insurance cheaper.  So we are really pleased and proud to be releasing this to help people save money with their iPhone insurance.”

Available in the Apple iTunes and App Store under the name Insure Me, the app asks you 3 relevant questions then shows you the right discount for you.  These discounts are not normally available anywhere else on the internet so this iPhone app is proving helpful in saving users money.

Liebz added “Specific iPhone insurance has been either hard to find or expensive, because the iPhone is a valuable, expensive item (£550 to replace in the UK and $600 in the USA) and because of fraudulent claiming – hence the higher insurance premiums.  So we wanted to help people find a way to reduce the cost of their iPhone insurance while getting good effective cover protection at the same time.”

To learn more about this about this Insure Me app search the App Store for “Insure Me” or visit

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