New Guitar App that can calculate just about any chord in most any tuning

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I am an occasional guitar player, and am always amazed at people who can easily switch between tunings.  It is also a struggle sometimes when I just re-tuned my guitar to an alternate tuning to play a song, then need to re-tune just because I can’t find what a G sus2 in DADGAD is.  I wrote this app to help with these cases, plus provide a huge reference of chords.

This app calculates chords based on the number of fingers you can press on the fret when playing, as well as how wide you can stretch your fingers – so hopefully it will make the guitar more accessible for those who might otherwise have trouble with the basic chords.  The chord generation is done on the fly for any tuning using a patent pending algorithm.

This app is not just a dry chord reference dictionary, but it also lets you assign chords to buttons – so you can play different chords just by taping the screen.  Multiple chord pads can be saved so you can have a set of power chords with distortion to play along with some heavy rock or some open clean sounding chords to play along with a country track.

Link to the App:

App facts:

The Guitar App has an interactive fret board, a chord dictionary/calculator, and a chord player. The primary purpose of this app is to provide a tool to guitar players of any level that let’s them see chords for any tuning. The secondary purpose, and more fun use, is the chord pad player, which let’s you assign chords to 15 different buttons and play with chord progressions.

The chord reference feature has as many chord variations that could be found ranging from standard chords to many less common. It also has a wide variety of predefined tunings, as well as a custom-tuning mode that let’s players create their own tunings. What is unique is that the chords are calculated on the fly using an algorithm developed just for this app using user configured settings – these settings let you change the number of fingers and hand stretch to match your own abilities.


  • Total of 29 defined tunings, plus user created tunings
  • Total of 54 different chord types, plus can create and save your own chords
  • Interactive guitar that can optionally show all notes on the neck for any tuning
  • Clean and Distortion tones
  • Real guitar sound, not synthesized
  • Save your own chord creations
  • Play back your chords using a pad like interface
  • Supports left and right handed players
  • User customizable chord generation parameters
    • Tuning
    • Can adjust for finger stretch
    • Can adjust for finger count
    • Can adjust for open string and fret preferences

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