New iPhone App Helps People Guide Their Own Health

Today, a small health communications firm called Kagan Media Net, released an iPhone App called Health You. It is designed to help people understand the connection between their diet and lifestyle, and how they look and feel. The App costs $1.99 at the iTunes App store, and is available worldwide (in English for the 1.0 release).

The App allows you to share information about symptoms, and the App will give the corresponding organ affected and how to improve the condition. Symptoms include pain, blemishes, stress, worry and the need to make a decision. Future releases will include more functionality, including uploading your own photo via the iPhone camera, and teaching how the parts of the face correspond to places in your body.

According to Mr. Kagan: “There is so much health information out there, but nobody knows what to believe. The trouble is, we are all different. My aim is to help people develop their own intuition to guide their health. That has worked well for many people throughout history, and is really the only way for us to restore our happiness and the longterm survival of our planet.”

Health You is the first App that features facial diagnosis, and the first app developed by Kagan Media Net. It’s available at the App store directly from iphones, iPod Touch and the iTunes App Store. More info at

About Kagan Media Net

Kagan Media net educates people and corporations on how to create health through diet and lifestyle changes, through lectures, consulting, cooking classes, counseling, books, web sites and Apps.

Founder David L. Kagan has lived most of his life in The Greater Boston area, and has a strong interest in nature, including alternative health, a plant-based diet, and organic foods and products. He has been studying Macrobiotics, martial arts and related topics for over 25 years, and has applied the practices to benefit the health and happiness of his family and friends since 2001. Learn more at

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