New iPhone / iPad App Cruisin’ Carrot

New Art & Vision Games, today, announced the release of their hit new game, “Cruisin’ Carrot.” The game is billing itself as, “Pinball with a Twist.”

Cruisin’ Carrot is designed to be easy to learn and, “Something fun to do while waiting for the bus,” according to Bret Nybo, founder of New Art & Vision games. “We wanted to create something fun for all ages that didn’t require a master’s degree to learn.”

Along with Cruisin’ Carrot, the New Art & Vision team also released an HD version for the iPad and light versions of each, allowing gamers to “kick the tires before they buy.”

Some key features of the game include:

  • Bushes, rocks, tires, bumpers and more surprises for the captain (your pinball character) to strike while gaining points
  • Killer ants, bees, t-rex’s and more surprises for the captain to shoot
  • Shields, presents, smiley faces and carrots that translate into bonuses for the captain to use
  • Apple’s Game Center integration, including global leaderboard
  • Earn achievements in Apple’s Game Center by scoring higher points, eliminating enemies and moving on to new levels
  • Submit your score and notify friends via Facebook

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Cruisin’ Carrot App Store Link >>
Cruisin’ Carrot HD App Store Link >>

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