New iPhone User Guide with iPhone OS 2.2 Additions Released

Apple has posted a new version of the iPhone user guide, which includes several additions related to iPhone OS 2.2. These include instructions on Google Street View usage and more.

Some excerpts:

  • “If you’re taking public transit, the overview screen shows each leg of the trip and the mode of transportation, including where you need to walk. The top of the screen shows the time of the bus or train at the first stop, the estimated arrival time, and the total fare. Tap to set your departure or arrival time, and to choose a schedule for the trip. Tap the icon at a stop to see the departure time for that bus or train. When you tap Start and step through the route, detailed information about each leg of the trip appears at the top of the screen. “
  • “Turn Auto-Correction on or off: Choose General > Keyboard and turn Auto-Correction on or off. Auto-Correction is on by default.”

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