New “Lite” version of “Yipe! 5″ Released

New “Lite” version of “Yipe!™ 5″ Released
Announcing a free demo version of the quirky iphone game, “Yipe! 5″

Yipe! Software is proud to announce a lite version of the retro-style RPG called “Yipe! 5 – Attack of Idle Hands,” so anyone can now play through the first chapter of the game for free. This RPG features simple yet addictive gameplay set in an fantasy world featuring clever plot twists and a funky art.

Urban vinyl artist, Dylan Sisson, has joined up Yipe Software to bring his vinyl character, Idle Hands, into the zany world of Yipe! This indie project is the result of collaboration between an artist (Dylan Sisson), a game designer (Kevin Kinell), and a musician (Andrew Woods).

Free “Lite” Version of Yipe

About Yipe! Software
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Media Reviews

“Yipe 5 is a simple old-school RPG that has quickly won my heart …”
Bonnie Eisenman, 148 Apps

“This game will keep me playing for hours and hours. If you want a good RPG experience with some humor tucked in there, then Yipe 5 is for you. I would definitely recommend this game and it will stay on my iPod for a very long time.”
The Three Appmigos

“What you get is a fanciful and lovingly-crafted adventure with all the polish and spirit of a mom-and-pop venture.”
Nullroar, TouchMyApps

“YIPE 5! is the fantastic three-way fusion of vinyl, gaming and your trusty iPhone – a perfect timewaster for long train journeys or that painful Christmas stay with relatives that drive you nuts.”
Stefan Blitz, Forces of Geek

“Yipe 5 is a wonderfully slick, retro-style RPG that continues on from the old Yipe quest games for Mac OS. It’s great fun, quite challenging, with plenty of items to earn gold for. The graphics are simple but well done, and quite comical.”
Istara, RPG-Site

“When enormous caterpillars are in the way, bring out the enormous bottle of Raid.”
Hi Game

“The developer has a quirky sense of humor, as evidenced by the skateboard riding zombie kid shown above, and an excellent sense of pacing.”
App Gamers

“It’s by far the most quirky and fun RPG I have played on the iPhone — I’ll be looking forward to the future installments!”
Colette Bennett, Tomopop

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