New Major Release: myMind 2.0!

New Major Release: myMind 2.0!

The biggest challenge to mind mapping on iPhone is the small screen. myMind 2.0 now packs a new set of innovative features designed to overcome the screen size and keep you focused on your task.

We guess that any of your readers who are mind mapping masters or just newly converted would like to hear about our myMind new major release.

The new features!
The new features added to myMind 2.0 gives the users a feeling of freedom, they are not longer limited by the small screen size and are able to drag & drop, reorder or create topics in only 1 tap! Check out our website on or go directly to the App Store by following to see live what myMind makes so special amongst other mind mapping apps!

* RADAR navigation map enables you to browse and edit big maps that otherwise would be troublesome. It displays in real-time all topics’ position and shows your current location which makes for very precise navigation.

* 1-Tap create topic; the tapping is reduced at minimum, all the gestures for common tasks (create, edit, move and delete topic, fold, unfold) require a double tap only, at most.

* Full drag & drop support to reorder topics or move them to another parent.

Besides this, you get map styles, to fit creative as well as productive minds. Its minimal user interface, takes virtually 0% of your screen space. And ultimately, it supports the fastest graphics engine on App Store!

Visit and find out more! We would be pleased if you give us feedback so we can keep on developing more great features in the future!

To review myMind 2.0 you need a promocode, please send an e-mail to and the promocode will be provided.

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