New Medical App for ACLS designed by ER Physicians

Get free promo codes at iPhoneAppReview.comDo you take care of critically ill patients? Do you “run codes” using ACLS guidelines? Then Rescue Code is THE perfect tool for you!

It was designed by two Emergency Medicine Physicians specifically with you in mind.

Check it out and here are some free codes!

No more writing on your scrubs or gloves!

Keeping track of all the interventions performed during a cardiac arrest is a difficult task.It may even be dangerous for the patient, as it can divert attention away from delivery of care.And trying to piece together all the interventions after the event may result in inconsistent and unreliable data – wrong number of doses given, wrong times, etc.

Rescue Code WILL help you keep track of what’s happening with your patient.

Keep track of times – Rescue Code will keep track of when your code started and when it ended.It will also keep track of chest compression, rhythm changes, and medication times.

List of medications – we have an easy to use, up to date list with the most common adult doses used during a cardiac arrest.

Interventions log – with a simple scroll of your finger you can review all medications given, defibrillations and heart rhythms that the patient has gone through since the arrest.

Additional features – after you are done, you can save the code information for later review.You can even email it to yourself or others!!Use this feature for Q/A, or even as a research tool.

It’s very easy to use, it works!

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