Register App for iPad Reaches #9 in App Store

The Newsy App for iPad is currently ranked #9 for free news iPad apps in the iTunes’ App Store.

Launched yesterday, the Newsy app for iPad (as well as its website and other apps) analyzes perspectives from multiple news sources and produces these views into snack-sized videos.

Users experience fast loading, high quality Newsy videos, which highlight the differences in how global media outlets report a story.

Newsy’s iPad app allows users to drag and drop videos to build customized playlists, easily share videos through email and social networks, read and post comments on the fly and drill down deeper into a news story by exploring the sources Newsy analyzed.

“Newsy’s app is built specifically for the iPad platform and delivers on what users want from video news on the go – speed, sharing, community and customization,” explains Newsy President Jim Spencer. “As a news analyzer, we break through the bias barrier – as an innovator in mobile video news, we are pushing the technology barriers with Newsy’s extraordinary iPad app.”

Updated instantaneously with Newsy’s iPhone app, Android app, Intel Atom app and, the Newsy app for iPad allows users to browse videos quickly, using a scrolling cover flow feature – embracing Apple’s successful iTunes interface.

The Newsy app for iPad allows users to share videos through Facebook, Twitter and email as well as easily connect with Newsy sources through links provided in both the transcript or by using the ‘Sources’ button included in every Newsy video. Users can interact with the Newsy community by posting and reading comments, which update in real time across all platforms.

Additionally, while watching videos, users can scroll through the transcript, browse comments and examine sources.

The Newsy App for iPad is available for free from the App Store on iPad. Click here to see a demo of the Newsy app.

A news analyzer, not a news aggregator, offers context with convenience — in 2 to 3 minutes, users understand the nuances in news coverage from different media sources.

About ( is a multisource video news service that analyzes the world’s news coverage. Through short videos available on the web and mobile devices, accelerates the understanding of how a news story is being covered differently by media outlets around the world.

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