NewtonApples: Pop, Slice and Flick Your Way To Victory

We would like to bring your attention to our original arcade game, that we have been working on day and night for the past 4 months called NewtonApples.

Newtonapples is fast style arcade game for iPhone and iPad platform, suitable for all ages. It is a combination of gameplay actions from Fruit Ninja + Zit Popping +Flick Zombie into 1 solid challenging game. This fun exciting game revolves around the player having to pop red apples, slice green apples and flick leaves away from Newton while he is asleep across 27 unique levels that have their own moving environments. It’s available on App Store in $0.99 only.

-27 fun levels
-Endless mode
-3 Laws of motion mini section
-Hidden bonus level hungry worm
-Original artwork and graphic
-Pop, slice and flick enemies (3 combinations in one game)

Game details:

App Store

Lite Version

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