Ninja Tabby: A Unique New iPhone Game from Logic Magi

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Ninja Tabby is an original, all-ages, 2.5D arcade style game designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Ninja Tabby and his team of rebel Shinobi Alley Cats infiltrate enemy camps to collect secret caches of catnip. “Shoot” cats into the game board to collect catnip, guide them back to the H portal by “Slashing” to destroy walls and floors in their way.

-          Innovative, fun, and challenging game play.

-          More than 20 action puzzle levels

-          Tricky traps, pitfalls, distractions, and dead ends

-          Save your score and game-state and resume game play any time

Controls – 3 simple game-play functions:

-          The default state of the game controls is ‘pan and scroll’ – swipe to scroll around the game stage

-          At the bottom left corner of the screen is the “shoot” key. Hold the “shoot” key while swiping upwards to launch a cat into the stage. You have 8 or more cats to shoot, depending on the stage, and you can use them all at once or one at a time. The number of cats remaining is displayed at the top left of the screen. Once you launch a cat it’s on autopilot – it walks until it encounters a wall (and turns around) a trap (and dies) a portal or cannon (and enters) or falls off the screen.

-          At the middle left of the screen is the “slash” key. Hold the “slash” key while swiping to destroy any wall or floor. Careful you don’t destroy them all, though – you’ll need something for your cats to land on. Use the “slash” to free trapped cats and to help them reach other parts of the stage.

Objective – collect the catnip, get your cats back home:

-          The object of the game is to collect points by having your cats pick up catnip (the green stuff) or use a scratching post. Bonus points for getting your cat to the Home (H) portal. A stage ends when all of your cats have fallen off the screen or entered the H portal.

-          Launch your team into the enemy territory to collect as much catnip as you can

-           Slash away walls and floors strategically to collect more catnip.

-          Use Cannons and Portals to move your cats between platforms

-          Avoid traps, pitfalls, distractions, and dead ends.

-          Collect more points by stopping at scratching posts.

-          Receive point bonuses for getting your cats back home via the H portal

Logic Magi designs, develops, and publishes custom casual gaming and enterprise apps for iPhone and iPod Touch. Regularly priced at $1.99, Ninja Tabby is available in the App Store for $0.99 for a limited time at

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