Nomad GPS Tours: Spontaneous Tours

Nomad GPS Tours is the only application on the market right now that can generate tours spontaneously anywhere and also provides the user with the ability to plan tours of the top 30 tourist cities in the United States. All that the user needs to do is drop a pin on the map, launch the tour and enjoy the scenery! Nomad GPS Tours is integrated with Yelp! to provide the User with all of the local flavor, arts and entertainment and historic landmarks that each location has to offer. If the user were to decide to change the tour, they can simply chose to move the pin and redrop it. Moving the pin just one city block will change the tour completely to provide the user with the most options possible. Turn by turn direction guide the user from destination to destination and all the way back to square one. A pop up notification lets the user know when they are right by each destination so they are ensured to never miss a thing!


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