Nooms: Lemmings + Worms = Nooms

Nooms: The Nooms have arrived on earth, will you help them get back home!

Ever wondered what would happen if the two classic games Lemmings and Worms where to have a baby? Well look no further because Nooms has landed on the app store. Mixing easy and more complex puzzles whilst all the while trying to strategically save as many nooms as possible is what makes this game impossible to put down once you have picked it up. And why not pick it up? With 3 unique worlds, 75 levels and 225 stars to collect this game will keep you entertained for hours.

Nooms addictive gameplay will have helping your noom friends traverse many different landscapes and facing many difficult obstacles. You must assign them jobs to carry out which will hopefully guide them from the start portal to the exit portal in each level. Make your nooms jump, explode, dig, mine, shoot, stop, build, climb and parachute there way across the levels, trying to save as many as possible. The levels range from solo noom missions to huge crowds of nooms making there way across the volatile areas.

Nooms is a fully featured game, with many many levels and stars to collect. Along with the three beautiful worlds already in the game there are three more on the way. These new worlds will be completely free updates and will prolong your whole nooms experience and keep the fun going for even longer. Along with the huge amount of levels, addictive gameplay and catchy music is the competitive aspect of achieving three stars on all levels. Challenge yourself to reach perfection and help your noom friends get back to there home planet! Can you save all the nooms!?

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