NoQ: The best app for pre-ordering and pre-paying for your food and beverages!

SA franchises Bean Bar cafe, Marcellina Pizza and Wokinabox have thrown their support behind NoQ – an Adelaide pre-order and pay iPhone app.

NoQ developer Hub IT founder Crows ruckman Brad Moran said the NoQ free app allowed customers to order and pay from a their mobile phone and pick up a coffee, pizza or takeaway order at a specified time – without the need to queue.

“We’re looking to get 75 sites up over the next two weeks with an additional 50 sites after that,” he said.

“We’d like to get 3-400 vendors here and expand through to interstate but we’re already talking to chains in Perth and Sydney.

Mr Moran announced his retirement from the AFL today, to devote his energy to NoQ which he hoped would be used nationally soon.

He heads to Silicon Valley this month to attend a young entrepreneurs event and attract some more venture capital interest.

The company has raised $1.1 million with mainly SA-based investors to get through the beta-phase and launch on Apple’s App store this week.

Mr Moran, 24, also has has enlisted the help of some experienced Adelaide businessmen including Economic Development Board chairman Raymond Spencer, Alan Young Stockbrokers chief executive Alan Young, BankSA chairman John Heard and PKF director John Sutton and Gavan Fox.

“I know that if I could get on side a select few business executives of this calibre that it would make easier work to raise the money,” Moran said.

The NoQ app, designed and implemented by Adelaide developer Fusion, will be free for users and direct payments instantly to vendors through a third-party payment gateway.

NoQ, which employs about 8 people, then receives a monthly payment from the merchant based on the number of transactions which are placed throug NoQ.

While there are other pre-order apps available, Mr Moran expected the simple-to-use design of NoQ to be the app’s point of difference in the market.

Bean Bar founder Ron Basset said the concent was affordable for his business.

“Although we have the ability to accept iPhone orders with our exsiting software, it was more expensive to go down that route,” Mr Basset said.

“Also, we see that we can get the benefit of cross-promotion from sharing the app with other retailers. A customer might be ordering a pizza with NoQ and come across Bean Bar and decide to give us a go,” he said.

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