Note2Self Audio Recorder

Note2Self is an audio recorder perfect for recording quick audio notes for yourself or recording lectures, etc. The trick with this app is its use of the accelerometer to start recording when you bring it up to your face. Recording can also be triggered manually or by shaking.

Note2Self’s interface is simple and easy to understand. To start recording, simply hit “Start Recording.” If you’ve enabled accelerometer-based triggers (such as shaking or bring to ear), it’ll record that way too.

Once you’ve recorded your notes, they can be emailed or simply saved on your phone for later retrieval. Optionally, recordings can contain your location so you can remember where they were recorded. A title and text notes can also be added. Info such as last played, size, and date recorded is also stored.

You can listen to recordings immediately on your iPhone, but getting them off is a total breeze. They can be emailed (to multiple recipients) or retrieved through any web browser. If you find yourself emailing notes to yourself regularly, the app even supports automatically emailing notes after recording them. Notes received in email which contain location data will also come with a link to the location where it was recorded.

The app also comes with a bunch of settings to fine-tune your experience. You can enable & disable location info, audio quality, default actions after recording, and even an auto-pause based on silence.

The good: Easy to use. Accelerometer-based auto-recording. Records from headset mic if plugged in. Location data saved with recordings. Auto-pause when silent. Recording retrieval via email and web interface. Title and text notes can be added.

The bad: Doesn’t do anything but record, but it’s done well!

The Bottom line: This app is fantastic for recording quick voice notes to yourself, recording lectures, and just about anything else. Its simple interface and accelerometer-based recording triggers make this one sweet recording app!

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