Now you can use your iPhone as a lie detector for free

This Lie Detector is based on the same advanced voice analysis technology used by CIA and FBI and works very well when the subject is afraid of the consequence of being caught lying. So, create more pressure on the subject will give you higher accuracy. That is THE purpose of this little fun app: create the pressure to make a person tell the truth.

**NOTE** A speech Lie Detector works by detecting the stress level and nervousness in the voice when a person tells a lie. So if you are testing this on yourself or someone else, and there is no consequences of being caught lying, the liar will not be under stress. Naturally the detector may miss some lies in this case.

So, unless you plan to cut your own finger off or give away all your money if you catch you lying to yourself, LOL, the results may not be accurate when you test it on yourself.

Again, any lie detector (including the complicated polygraph machine used by FBI that measures your heart beats and breathing) will work ONLY if the liar is stressed or nervous about telling the lie.

Remember, this is all for fun or getting kids to tell you the truth. If you can put someone in the big house for lying like the FBI does, then you will have very accurate results!
Want to put some pressure on someone to make sure s/he is telling you the truth?

Now you can with your very own Lie Detector on the iPhone!

THE authentic advanced Lie Detector for the iPhone based on the same voice analysis technology used by CIA and FBI. Easy to use.


Caution: Read the instructions before use. Use of the app may have unintended consequences and you may get truth that you do not want to hear. We only provide the tool, the interpretation and use of it is totally up to you.

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