Nutrient Depletions: Carry Your Pharmacist/Nutritionist in Your Pocket with New Nutrition App

Carry Your Pharmacist/Nutritionist in Your Pocket with New Nutrition App

(Rochester, N.Y. May 13, 2011) Recognizing the nutrients that medications {might|may} drain from your body is {essential|important} to {maintain|keep} healthy. {Info|Information} {supplied|provided} by the new app Nutrient Depletions, now {accessible|available} on iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch, brings that {essential|important} {information|info} on hand {immediately|instantly}. The Comprehensive reference guide identifies {much more|more} than 700 {generally|commonly} prescribed drugs {recognized|known} to deplete the body of its natural nutrients. A {fast|quick} and {simple|easy} search capability {offers|provides} the {information|info} in seconds. Recommendations on nutrient replenishment from natural food sources present the {answer|solution} to {preserve|maintain} {correct|proper} nutrient levels.

“{Following|After} a recent {go to|visit} to my physician I was told that my blood calcium levels {had been|were} on the low side,” said Bob Begert, RPh, pharmacist at Milex Drugs, Caledonia, N.Y. “I bought Nutrient Depletions and realized the {3|three} medications I was taking all depleted calcium. I wish I would’ve {recognized|known} about this years ago. I’m recommending it to all my {clients|customers} to {assist|help} them have {much more|more} {information|info} about their medications so they {remain|stay} {conscious|aware} of how to adjust their diets. For {much less|less} than the {cost|price} of a bottle of a multi-vitamin supplement, my patients can {truly|really} benefit by {studying|learning} the {possible|potential} side effects of their medications.”

For {customers|consumers}, Nutrient Depletions {offers|provides} you with {useful|valuable} {information|info} to balance your medications and diets. {Particular|Certain} medications will deplete nutrients in your body and you can {assist|help} reverse those effects by replacing nutrients with healthy food sources. Taking a cholesterol-lowering medication like Lipitor for {lengthy|long} periods of time can deplete Folic acid, Calcium, and Iron. A {lengthy|long} term result of Folic Acid deficiency can lead to other medical conditions, such as anemia. Folic acid is a B vitamin and its role is to {assist|help} the body make new red blood cells. Red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen {all through|throughout} your body. Low red blood cell levels can leave you feeling weak and tired and causes anemia. It is {essential|important} to monitor the effects your medications have on your body so you can have informed discussions with your {well being|health} care practitioner about {generating|making} {modifications|changes} to incorporate healthy foods into your {diet plan|diet}. {Great|Good} sources of Folic Acid {consist of|include} green leafy vegetables, {entire|whole} grains, and fruits.

For healthcare {experts|professionals}, {much better|better} {information|info} {indicates|means} {much better|better} care. Nutrient Depletions enhances the {high quality|quality} of patient care by {supplying|providing} a portable reference guide to look up nutrients depleted for your patient’s medication regimens. Have the {information|info} you {require|need} at your fingertips and make recommendations {whilst|while} evaluating a patient’s medical records. {Turn out to be|Become} the source of {information|info} for your patients in {actual|real}-time {with out|without} waiting for {web|internet} connections or fumbling {via|through} medical books.

{Simple|Easy} and {simple|easy} to use! Perform a search by medicine name or category, {study|research} a list of nutrients depleted by that medication, and see a list of the food sources you can eat to replenish those nutrients. It {offers|provides} a {fast|quick} and {simple|easy} reference guide to use to supplement your {diet plan|diet} {whilst|while} taking medications, and {assists|helps} you have an informed discussion with your {well being|health} care providers.

You can also share what you {discovered|found} with your {family members|family} and {pals|friends} by clicking on the {e-mail|email} icon. The Nutrient Depletions app will direct users to the default {e-mail|email} service on your mobile device to send the {e-mail|email} to {your self|yourself} or to {pals|friends}.

Sources of {information|info} {consist of|include}, National Institute of {Well being|Health},, the Office of Dietary Supplements, National Cancer Institute,, and other public domain publications.

To order a copy of Nutrient Depletions, {go to|visit} Nutrient Depletions is {accessible|available} in the iTunes App Store for the iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch. The {present|current} {cost|price} is $1.99 USD (or equivalent {quantity|amount} in other currencies) and can be {discovered|found} in the Medical category. Nutrient Depletions was {produced|created} by the efforts of TwinSis, LLC and NOCUBE, LLC. NOCUBE,, is devoted to {supplying|providing} {information|info} to {enhance|improve} the {well being|health} of {people|individuals} by {creating|developing} innovative healthcare {items|products}. NOCUBE, LLC is a Rochester, NY based {business|company}. You {might|may} contact NOCUBE, LLC at {information|info} Follow Nutrient Depletions on

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