Oh! Meter – the pulling power indicator

Let’s be honest people love to rate one another, we all do it. On the way to work, you see someone and think to yourself they look gorgeous.

Perhaps it’s yourself that you rate as the next Brad or Angelina? Or are you ever told you look like a celebrity? Now there is a new fun way for you to measure your true gorgeousness.

Following the success of their Celebalike app, that reveals your celebrity matches, Ventutec Limited have today released their latest iPhone app, the Oh!Meter.

Based on a Ohm meter, an electrical resistance reader, the Oh!Meter works using the ‘Golden Ratio’ rule, measuring your features based on symmetries via key anchor points on your face – eyes, ears, chin, mouth and nose.

The application is extremely easy to use. Users just need to choose their gender and upload a photo or take a new one and anxiously wait for their results. There are no limits to the use of the Oh!Meter. It’s as equally effective on human faces irrespective of ethnicity, color, age or race.

Many people have already downloaded the app, to measure their Oh! score against friends, to brighten up a dull day in the office or even as a confidence boost. The app has even been known to work on pets!

Amy Terry said ‘This app is extremely entertaining and the graphics are an improvement over lots of other apps out there. At school I take pictures of my friends without telling them what it is for, then when it finishes analysing their faces I show them their results.”

“We are really excited to launch the Oh!Meter, we’ve focused on improving the graphics and effects to release a really entertaining, top quality attractiveness indicator app. We are expecting it to be a real success for entertaining friends as a bit of fun at parties” said Ventutec Limited

Download the Oh!Meter FREE today form the app store and find out how many Oh!’s your face will measure.

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